5 Timely Business Website Marketing Strategy Every Business Should Know

Business website advisers will tell you that you can build a great website and they will not come. If you believe this premise, than this roundup post is for you. Â 2017 is the year that I call my transition year. Â Yes, it is an odd number year but one that can take your online presence business website to a new level with marketing strategy.
A marketing strategy will be the building block for the action businesses and entrepreneurs will use to put in place measured action plans. These plans will serve as a roadmap to turn your business website from an expense into a money maker. Â Below, I have pull together some of the important information that you need to read on marketing strategy that all businesses and entrepreneurs need for their online presence and business websites in 2017 and beyond. Â Comment and share this with your friends and let’s start a conversation.

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The menu of marketing options can be overwhelming. Read our top-rated articles to make sure you have the right marketing strategy for your organization.
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How Videos Can Transform Your Content Marketing Strategy
It’s no secret video is here to stay, but …

How Videos Can Transform Your Content Marketing Strategy It’s no secret video is here to stay, but for those who aren’t quite convinced video is the right option for them, we have some inpsiration.
Here’s how to create a content marketing strategy your customers will love, in 7 steps. This presentation from global content marketing consultant, keynote speaker, and New York Times bestselling author Jay Baer will help you craft a winning content marketing strategy for your brand or organization. The principles in this presentation are used by Jay Baer and his Convince and Convert consulting firm on behalf of some of the largest companies in the world. Learn how corporate objectives, audiences, audience inquiries, metrics, content execution, and even social media work together to make content marketing programs successful. You’ll want to print this one out and/or share it with your team.
Digital marketing is an important part of the whole marketing strategy of a business. There are top five main digital Marketing Strategies that are of interest to a small business. These are the Search Engine Optimization, Local Search Marketing, unique Content Marketing, Social Media Optimization and Email Marketing.

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How password managers business website employees protect your identity

Business website information is not just to attract customers. Often times, your business website is a gateway for employees to access company information. Â As a professional running My Tech Manager from a home office, I work with many outsource or virtual workers and they have access to my network and file system. Â Using a password manager is a simple way to keep my network secure and track who is allowed and not allowed on my network. Â Anya Kamenetz published this article in the Chicago Tribune as a follow up to another article on computer security. Â I have added this piece about the gateway for employees to your company through your business website which provides you my readers with how a password manager can be a simple low cost solution to protect the gateway into your company – your business website.

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